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Premiere: Tzlil - Let Go

Yafo Creative introduces ‘Let Go’ ,Tzlil’s second single from her first summer 3P.

Let Go is the theme song and title of her summer 3P. It follows the success of her first single, 'City Friends', released recently by Yafo Creative.

Produced by Roey Avital (Garden City Movement), Let Go features complex and intriguing beats with a Middle Eastern twist combined with Tzlil’s long time influences of Soul, R&B and Hip Hop.

Tzlil’s idea for the video was sparked at a family dinner where she met her 3 cousins, who all show an incredible resemblance to Tzlil when she was their age.

Directors Jonathan Vardi and Amnon Ron interpreted the dinner into a pop-fashion music video with the style by uprising designer duo HILI ARI, and of course, the performance of Gaya, May and Aviah - Tzlil’s cousins.

Here are Gaya and Tzlil - do they look alike?

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