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Tzlil - City Friends

Tzlil was scheduled for a photo session in a studio in Tel Aviv. The day before the shooting, not coincidentally, Tzlil, Amnon Ron and director Jonathan Vardi, were thinking of ideas for City Friends’ video, viewing materials Amnon shot in Tokyo. Jonathan was convinced he can turn the PR photo session into a music video. Once that idea came out, Tzlil and Amnon had their mind set on making it happen.

They hurried VJ artist Gilad Grinberg from Jerusalem and shot Tzlil with basic equipment using clever lighting, original styling and VJ projections to give the video a unique and very prestigious look.

Lyrics and Music by Tzlil Danin & Yakir Ben Tov

Music Arrangement by Yakir Ben Tov

Lyrics Editing by Yoav Gilor

Mixed by Roey Avital

Mastering by Eyal Leon Katzav at Private Room studio

Music Consultancy by Ilya Shapiro

Creative Guidance by Shelly Goral

Branding & Management by Yafo Creative

Art Director - Amnon Ron

Producers - Tzlil Danin, Yoav Gilor & Yuval Danin

Graphic Designer - Anna Dubinsky

Photographer -Luke Brossette

Directed & Shot by Amnon Ron and Jonathan Vardi

Edited by Amnon Ron

Online Editing by Jonathan Vardi

VFX by Jonathan Vardi & Tomer Rousso

Art Direction & Styling by Ben Zeiger

Hair & Makeup by Shiko Vun

Lighting by Luke Brossette

VJ by Gilad Grinberg

PA - Amelia Jamerson

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