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SIGHTSEEING Kids Fly - Making Of White Page

The co-creating between Yafo Creative and KIDS FLY progressed in an organic fashion. In one simple Jaffa street, the music being written on one side of the road, and the visual language on the other, not knowing they were meant for each other.

Danielle Angel and Yoav Gilor followed KIDS FLY, art director Amnon Ron, and Noam Gelbart from “Soul Royale” studios to see how they made the videos for KIDS FLY’s first EP.

Directing: Yoav Gilor, Danielle Angel

Filming: Danielle Angel, Yoav Gilor, Amnon Ron

Editing: Danielle Angel

Visual Effects: Soul Royale Studios


Kids Fly - White Page

Music by Orel Tamuz & Uri Sade, Lyrics by: Uri Sade.

#kidsfly #Sightseeing #makingof #roomservice #yafo #jaffa

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