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Freedom Paranoia - Where is the Ocean

We arrive at Mitzpe Ramon for a two week residency in 'Hanger Adama'. Andre and Renata went for a walk and got lost in the dessert while looking for the ocean…

This is where they found Aaron.

Freedom Paranoia is a new-media and live performance piece comprised of three actors and three musicians, based on the arts of circus, music, dance and physical theater.

The piece is set in an absurd universe, lacking time or roots, in which the characters invite the audience to a journey into their lives that consist on conflicts and moments of happiness, where anxiety replaces freedom, violence becomes an act of love, joy merged with agony, and convenience becomes confrontation.

Freedom Paranoia is a collaboration between contemporary French circus company Kitsch Kong and local musicians Orel Tamuz, Mika Sade and Nir Yatzkan.

Video by Amnon Ron

Cinematography: Eli Smolaks

Editing: Amnon Ron, Adam Weingrod

Participants: Aaron Tobiass, Andre Roszenfeld, Mika Sade, Nir Yatzkan, Orel Tamuz and Renata Do Val.

Staging: Kitsch Kong, Yaelle Antoine, Amnon Ron

#localproduce #freedomparanoia

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